This section on African national parks page is dedicated to providing reviews and information on all national parks in Africa, including maps, pictures, and links to further resources such as official park authorities.

Africa is home to some of the largest and most spectacular national parks in the world, most of which have been created over the past century to help safeguard the continent’s wildlife from habitat destruction and poaching. Known for their natural beauty and diverse wildlife, Africa’s national parks have become premier safari destinations for increasing numbers of travellers in recent decades.

The list below details national parks in Africa by country, with a focus on the top African safari spots of East and Southern Africa. (There are also some Indian and Sri Lankan national parks listed as these countries provide alternative safari activities and  wildlife spotting opportunities of a surprisingly high standard.) The nature of the parks listed varies considerably in terms of the degree of accessibility and protection, the number of tourist and type of environment. The one thing all the African parks listed have in common is that they provide a fantastic African safari experience: